Wallet as a Service

Wallet as as Service (WaaS) is a solution  for almost every blockchain project. WaaS has a different meaning for different users. For software developers it is the API that lets them interact with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For investors it is the solution to automates their transactions and for merchants it is a solution to sell their products and services online.

Adjustable Security

You are the owner of your assets and you decide how secure you would like keep them. On Lincoin you can choose whether you want to keep your private keys your own way by choosing a self-hosted solution. Alternatively you can rely on the top in the market security offered by Lincoin.


You can generate a wallet with your preferred specs or import any type of wallet generated else where. Our top in the market technology restores every type of wallet out there.

Zero – Trust

We offer Zero-Trust Solutions for those who seek security at all costs. Import your self-hosted wallet on Lincoin and we will add an extra layer of security on top of that. You don’t have to trust us, if you don’t want to.

Latest Technology

Lincoin is compatible with latest technologies developed for cryptocurrencies.  This includes all of BIP proposals, Segwit transactions and LINC security technology.

Hardware Wallet

In our mind hardware wallets can’t be ignored in designing a blockchain solution. We support hardware wallets. You can use Lincoin to send out transactions from your Hardware wallets or manage your assets balance in your Cold-Hot wallets.

Multi Signature

Lincoin supports Multi-Sig wallets as a blockchain level secured solution. Generate or import a Multi-Sig wallet on Lincoin decide who, where and when should access your funds or approve your transactions.

How it works?

Lincoin Wallet as a Service (WaaS) is the solution for everyone with different levels of technical background. We let users connect with Lincoin through a user-friendly panel or via a standard API. Lincoin users have full access to interact with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This includes setting alerts on addresses, create a payment request, generate and sign transactions,  and create payment channels and smart contracts.

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