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Lincoin.io Temrs of Use and Privacy Policy

Lincoin Wallet as a Service (WaaS) is a services offered by Lincoin Blockchain that can be used to interact with major cryptocurrency blockchains. In this agreement WaaS is referred to Lincoin Wallet as a Service which includes variety of services and solutions. This agreement is a contract between Lincoin and “You” or “Your “, as a user of Lincoin. By entering into this agreement You shall have permission to use Lincoin for Your own personal use, subject to certain rights, responsibilities, and obligations.

Control over your wallet

Lincoin enables You to create new wallets or import your wallet information generated elsewhere and manage them. Every wallet has a backup phrase that consists of a 12-24 word seed in addition to an optional pass phrase, all referred to as “Backup Phrase”. It is your responsibility to keep your pass phrase secure online or offline in order to access your private keys and assets in the future.

In order to use Lincoin WaaS you should create an account with us, which gives you ability to manage all your wallets in one place. Lincoin services are separated into two categories. “Lincoin Hosted” and “Self Hosted” services.  Lincoin Hosted services are the solutions and services that require the private keys of the wallet be stored on Lincoin servers. While Lincoin takes certain measures to securely collect and store your private information including wallet seed and private keys it is Your responsibility to be aware of the risks of sharing and hosting Your wallet private keys on third party servers. Self Hosted Services does not require you to share your private information with Lincoin and total responsibility of storing and securing private information is with you.


Your Responsibilities

You are responsible to

  1. securing Your Backup Phrase
  2. Securing your username and password to login to Your Lincoin account
  3. ensuring that Your devices that You use Lincoin on are free of viruses, malware, etc.; and,
  4. obeying Your local laws; and,
  5. obeying the laws of Canada and wherever Lincoin is based at
  6. using Lincoin in a lawful manner; and,
  7. ensuring that all of Your transactions are done with correct blockchain addresses; and,
  8. keeping Your Backup Phrase confidential and not sharing it with anyone else, including Lincoin customer support (who will never ask You for Your Backup Phrase).

Your Privacy Is Important

Lincoin is designed to protect Your privacy when interacting with blockchains. Your Backup Phrase and private keys are kept safe with highest security standards that our team is aware of. Lincoin will never share or sell Your personal information to advertisers, and takes care to minimize logging and access to telemetry data within Lincoin.

There are many risks associated with digital assets. Lincoin has no control over the blockchains that You can interact with through Lincoin and cannot (and has no ability to) cancel, modify or affect any transaction that You have caused to be broadcasted to any given blockchain network. You should take care to understand the details of the blockchains You choose to interact with as Linncoin has no control or liability to You in relation to these risks.

License to You

Lincoin is licensed to You on a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, non-assignable, royalty-free, worldwide basis. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lincoin includes many open-source software libraries that are separately licensed and the license in this agreement does not cover the third-party open-source software that is bundled with Lincoin.

No Warranty

Lincoin makes no guarantees that its software will always will be safe, secure, or error-free, or that it will function without disruptions, delays, or imperfections. To the extent permitted by law, Lincoin DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT.

Termination or Suspension of Service for Unlawful Conduct

Lincoin contains elements that rely on backend infrastructure run by Lincoin (and possibly other parties) that may be turned off temporarily or permanently without notice due to suspected unlawful conduct or if it is deemed necessary to do so at the discretion of Lincoin.

Some or all of the Lincoin service may not be available in all locations worldwide due to geoblocking or other measures taken by Lincoin to ensure compliance with laws or to improve the quality of service for its users.

Limitation of Liability

Lincoin is offered to You at the minimum charge and therefore Lincoin’s liability to You must be and is limited, in order to continue offering Lincoin in a competitive market. Therefore, and notwithstanding any term of this agreement, Lincoin’s liability to You, under any theory of law or cause of action, shall be limited to the Canadian dollar value of 0.01 bitcoins or $50 Canadian Dollars, whichever is greater. Furthermore, in no event shall Lincoin be liable for failed transactions, delayed relay of transactions, lost Backup Phrases, lost private keys, errors in the underlying software libraries that make up Lincoin, lost profits, changes in the values of fiat currencies, digital assets or cryptocurrencies, or any other losses related to Your use or misuse of Lincoin in combination with digital assets.

Accuracy of In-App Information

Lincoin integrates many third-party data sources that provide relevant data to users but this data is beyond Lincoin’s control. Lincoin shall not have any liability to You for incorrect data and You should verify any data You receive through Lincoin before acting on it.

User Support

Lincoin offers free technical support to users of Lincoin but this support is offered to You without warranty of any kind and shall be at Your risk. Lincoin may choose to discontinue offering free technical support at any time and may choose to discontinue providing You with technical support at any time. You shall at all times act respectfully to Lincoin’s staff and must take care not to accidentally disclose Your Backup Phrase, private keys, or any other confidential information.


Lincoin may amend this agreement by providing You with 15 days notice. If You do not consent to an amendment of this agreement then Your sole remedy shall be to discontinue using Lincoin. You may not amend this agreement.

Choice of Forum and Governing Law

Any disputes related to this agreement shall be heard in the courts of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and the laws of British Columbia, Canada shall apply.

Entire Agreement

This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any other representations or agreements between the parties. Furthermore, the parties have entered into this agreement without relying on any representations or warranties made outside of this agreement.

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