Lincoin Mining

Insightful and intelligent mining

How it works?

Lincoin adds an intelligence layer between your devices and mining pool. Point your device to Lincoin Stratum and we take care of the rest.

1. Connect your device to one of our stratum servers. The one that is geographically closer to you.

2. Setup your desired mining pool in your user panel or simply mine on Lincoin Pool. We currently support BTC, BCH, BSV and DGB.

3. Sit back and enjoy the power of Lincoin. 

Advanced Monitoring


Diagnostic Tool

Lincoin advanced health monitoring system is capable of monitoring every device thoroughly and generate a detailed report for each of them every 30 secs. Notifications and alerts are sent out to operators in case any defects were detected so it can be fixed and the device is brought back to service at fastest time.

Lincoin diagnostic tool will also try to fix any communication or software issues and it is sucessful 90% of the time.

Harness The Power of Data

Mining is a stochastic process. Just like flipping a coin, or the occurrence of solar storms. Once you understand it you may mitigate the associated risks over time. 


Historical Data Analysis

Analytical decision making is a key part in every business. Miners should calculate their cost of acquisition per asset to estimate their key financial indicators such as break-even point and profit margin. While this calculations are conventionally done on a monthly/weekly basis  Lincoin empowers the mining firms to estimate their financials on-the-fly and make intelligent decisions more often and more accurately.


Current/Future Profitability

Mining profitability is highly sensitive to electricity cost, network difficulty and crypto-assets market price.
Implementing a rigorous framework to bring these factors into consideration and manage the associated risks is essential for a sustainable mining operation. Licnoin W2 technology is an AI-enabled toolkit 
that measures the current network parameters and provides miners with reliable dataset to decide When/Which (W2) coin to mine.   


Manage the Risk of Market Fluctuations

The most common strategy for crypto miners is to convert their mined assets whenever they need to, which could affect their profit margin significantly. Rather than that, Lincoin advanced analytics provides the miners reliable data to decide when to convert their assets to fiat to achieve their desired profit margin and ensure their investment profitability. 

It's alll about uptime.


Lincoin Hot-Swap technology enables you to switch from any pool to another in matter of seconds instead of 15 mins. This means 1% more revenue if you switch your pool once a day. 

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Devices Supported
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SHA256 Coins

Network difficulty is updated every 10 mins for some networks. This means your decisions needs an update every 10 minutes.

The users can distribute their mining power across different blockchains as simple as a click by providing the power percentage they would like to invest in which network. This feature could save miners hours to focus on more important tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our product has been tested for months to ensure 100% performance. You get the same performance with 100% more flexibility.

We have 25 stratum servers around the world and route the connection to the most optimum way. Many of our users has reported more reliable connection and less rejected shares by using Lincoin comparing to direct connection pools.

We support more than 65 devices. This includes all Bitmain miners and majority of Whatsminers.