ECommerce Solution

Cryptocurrencies are removing borders, simplify trades and increase profit margins for merchants. We provide wallet management tools that will convert your PERSONAL wallet into a fully functional payment gateway to accept major cryptocurrencies as methods of payment.


You may integrate Lincoin Ecommerce with your existing online shops as easy as a few clicks. At the moment we support WooCommerce and we are adding more platforms to our service.

Instant Access to Funds

We don’t use an intermediary wallet to manage your funds. The payments are sent directly and instantly to your wallet and you have 100% control on your money.


We don’t need access to your private key to manage your payment gateway. Lincoin is a zero-trust platform. Trust and security are hard-coded in our platform.

How it works?

For your privacy we recommend using an HD wallet for ECommerce purposes. Using the HD wallet technology we can generate a new address for each of your clients making a payment so that your customers’ and your privacy is not compromised.

Lincoin is the only platform that supports all and every type of cryptocurrency wallets. We believe each type of wallet is good for a solution. For payments we suggest using a Self-Hosted HD wallet that is secured with LINC 1 technology. By using this type of wallet we make sure you are the only person who can access your funds and you wont need to trust anybody including Lincoin to take care of your money. Also we use our sophisticated LINC V1 technology to secure your payments. Using this technology even if your private key is compromised for any reason your payments and money is still secure.

At Lincoin our motto is “you don’t have to trust us if you don’t want to”. We provide our users with zero trust technology secured with our enhanced security tools.

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