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Lincoin provides a secure link to interact with cryptocurrencies. Lincoin is not only a full-node service provider  and wallet provider but also we aim to be a reliable solution for users with every needs and technical background in the world of blockchain. We help individuals and businesses around the world apply blockchain in their every day use and interact with the world without borders.

Mining Pool

Lincoin pool is an easy to use solution for merged mining of cryptocurrencies. Connect your ASIC miner to Lincoin and mine like never before.  


Wallet as a Service

Lincoin Wallet as a Service (WaaS) creates a world of opportunities in front of developers, investors and entrepreneurs who wish to perform advanced blockchain activities such creating wallets, securing funds and schedule transactions securely. Supporting over 500 cryptocurrecnies, Lincoin is the most advanced wallet you may ask for.



Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are shaping the future of ECommerce. Using Lincoin ECommerce tools you can use your personal wallet as a secure payment solution to sell online and receive payments automatically and scale your online business.

What is Wallet as a Service?


Wallet as a Service (WaaS) is a  solution for hosting cryptocurrency wallets on the cloud. WaaS solutions let developers, entrepreneurs and investors control their crypto assets through APIs and automate transactions that are impossible using mobile and hardware wallets. WaaS saves you significant amount of time and money while developing any blockchain or cryptocurrency project.

WaaS platforms are different in terms security and the way they store private keys. By using Lincoin WaaS you can choose how you would like to secure your keys for 100% asset security.

What can I do using Lincoin?


Lincoin is designed for users with different needs and different levels of technical background. As a cryptocurrency user you may use Lincoin to create a cryptocurrency payment gateway for your website. You can also set alerts on your wallet activities or set an automatic transaction on your wallet to be done at a specific time or wallet balance. This feature is quite useful when you want to limit your assets in your hot wallet and send the excess amount to your hardware or cold wallet for security purposes.

As a blockchain developer you can use Lincoin to develop sophisticated blockchain projects such as crytpocurrency exchange, cloud mining, trading bots etc. We keep you on the right track to assure security and best practice while communicating with blockchain.

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