Intelligent Crypto-Mining

Lincoin is an intelligent crypto-mining platform that empowers miners to make data-driven decisions and maximize their revenue potential for a sustainable mining operation.


One-click Hashrate Distribution

Save time and money with quick and easy hashrate distrubution on different coins/pools.


Advanced Risk Management

Estimate the costs of mining, Predict you revenue potential and manage the risks of market fluctuation.


Carbon Foot-Print Measurement

Measure the carbon footprint per asset earned and minimize that accordingly.


Plug & Mine

Mine on your current mining pool or mine with Lincoin pool at competitive pool fees.


Hot-Swap Technology

Switch the mining device between two different pool/network in matter of seconds instead of waiting 15 mins.


When-What to Mine

This AI powered toolkit, helps miners decide When-What coin to mine.  

Right Tools

Unique Technology

Rich Data Analytics

Make Data-Driven decisions With almost any ASIC device and 4 popular coins.

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Mining Devices Supported
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Stratum Servers

Don't mine on risks. Employ Intelligence.

Crypto miners are taking a big risk investing billions of dollars in earning highly volatile crypto-coins. Mining profitability is very sensitive to electricity cost, network difficulty and crypto-assets market price. Implementing a rigorous framework to bring these factors into consideration and manage the associated risks is essential for a sustainable mining operation. While the mining facilities are struggling to maximize their revenue potential through maintaining their up-time and signing fixed term energy contracts, they are ignoring the importance of risk management and investment diversification in their day to day operation.

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