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FPPS mining pool for Bitcoin

Stand on top of your mining operations with auditable FPPS rewarding and integrated real-time device monitoring. Optimize, manage and audit your profitability.

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Mine intelligent with any mining device.

Improved FPPS Rewarding Method

We share All the Block Rewards and All the Transaction Fees of All blocks with miners.

Our rewarding method is the most stable among mining pools and every satoshi you earn on Lincoin is auditable and verifiable. We really mean it!

Transaction (TX) fees are a considerable portion of miners’ revenue after the most recent Bitcoin halving. This source of revenue can be as high as 25% of the block rewards. Majority of Bitcoin mining pools do not share the TX fees  with miners or share that only for certain blocks. Lincoin is one of the few mining pools that share the TX fees of all blocks with miners thus you may expect the most stable income without compromising on your profitability.

FPPS reward Lincoin

Lincoin is built Secure

Account Security

We use enterprise grade identity management tools to keep your account secure and we require two factor authentication to access crypto-assets. 

Asset Security

Lincoin stores the mined assets in cold storage and offers the lowest withdraw threshold in the market to make sure your asset is accessible, safe and secure. 

Device Security

Your device connection and submissions are delivered to our servers through encrypted communication channels for maximum security of the work being submitted to the pool. We are the first pool in the world to use Hashway Firewall technology to secure your machines and your farm.

lincoin mining pool security

Advanced monitoring tools for maximum uptime and profit.

We monitor the performance of every single mining device and detect any disconnection or misbehavior instantly. Notifications are sent out to miners every 30 seconds to make sure the uptime and revenue potential is maximized.

For large-scale farms we batch the notifications before sending them out to make sure you can manage your operation smooth and efficient.

We currently support Telegram, Email and push notification alerts on iOS and Android mobile phones.

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